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Content Developer

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February 19, 2018

Content Developer

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Updates all company social media websites (Facebook and Twitter account etc.)
  • Responds to posts or comments to bring value to user’s interactions with customers
  • Posts updates, news and announcements in a timely manner using appropriate content
  • Performs research to find articles, stories, resources, or other content that is relevant to our customer base and posts it to our Facebook and Twitter page in a manner that invites conversation and interaction.
  • Updates all company social media accounts with current and relevant photos, video, or other content from company activities and events.
  • Grows company online social networks by increasing fan base and interactions
  • Maintains current information in Google+ and LinkedIn accounts
  • Complete other social media projects as assigned

Digital Media

  • Takes pictures and videos of events to be developed into content for the company’s social media pages and website
  • Organizes and archive digital images and videos
  • Complete other digital media projects as assigned


  • Regularly observe online activity of model organizations, research and reports on “social media best practices”
  • Completes other research projects assigned

Analytics and Reporting

  • Uses Google Analytics to assess trends and activity on the company’s website
  • Uses Facebook Insights to assess trends and activity on the company’s Facebook page
  • Uses Analytics to assess trends and activity on all other company pages.
  • Reviews data on the performance of social media platforms and adjusts plans or strategies to optimize reach

Required Skills or Experience

  • Diploma or Higher Degree in Information Technology (IT) with 2 – 3 years experience in similar role.

How to Apply

Please send your applications and CV’s to