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Online Business Manager

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February 19, 2018

Online Business Manager

Job Description

To formulate and implement online marketing and selling strategies for the company specifically managing and administering Online Stores, Social Media accounts and mobile apps, coordinating and/or supervising the activities of Team members, towards the attainment of organizational objectives.

The Development Of The Heritage Mall

  • To generally coordinate all activities towards the design, development and operation of the Heritage Mall.
  • Coordinating the implementation of Project
  • Manage Operations of the online Mall, when completed.

Sourcing For Products For The Heritage Mall

  • Liaise with Designers, Sourcing Officer, Marketing and Sales Officers in determining the specifications of products needed for the Online Store. Specific product specifications, Quality Specifications etc.
  • Determine the criteria for Selecting Suppliers
  • Engage suppliers of products
  • Appropriately Receiving, Keeping and Managing products, ensuring that product specifications are met

Coordination Of Online Marketing Activities

  • To liaise with the marketing officer in coordinating ensuring the effective marketing of products online, coordinating the activities of IT Persons, Sales Persons, Website developers, and other internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensuring the effective usage of Social Media in marketing products (Products of entire Groupe)
  • Working with Team Members in ensuring the effective maintenance of all websites of the Groupe Subsidiaries.

Marketing The Groupe Products Online

  • Market the Online Shop and effectively brand a good image for group members deploring electronic media.
  • Grow brand visibility both locally and internationally.
  • Ensure the effective selling of Products online
  • Ensure the effective stocking of Online Shop
  • Generally Manage the Groups Online operations

Corporate Marketing and Sales-Online

  • To actively participate in Marketing and Selling products of the group of Companies on all Online Platforms. Prepare a corporate Marketing and Selling Strategy for year 2018, and subsequent years.
  • Marketing and Selling the mass production of School Uniforms, Security Uniforms and Corporate Uniforms, Corporate Occasional Wear), on all online platforms.
  • Marketing and Selling the digital embroidery of corporate designs and symbols, on all online platforms e.g. digital embroidery on corporate uniforms
  • Marketing and Selling Afrocentric products and Corporate gift vouchers online

The Development Of Designing A Photo Studio

  • To generally coordinate the Design, Development and Implementation of a Photo Studio
  • Plan an implementation Schedule
  • Prepare Budget
  • Work with Accounts to ensure the Timely release of funds

General Marketing Duties

  • To generally work with the, Marketing Director in formulating and implementing marketing Strategies.

Reporting Duties

  • To periodically report to management on all activities and required to submit a monthly report on all your activities performed.

General Duties

  • Perform any other duty that may be assigned to you by management

Required Skills or Experience

  • Diploma or Higher Degree in Information Technology (IT)
  • 4 – 5years experience in online business operations and must have been in a managerial role.

How to Apply

Please send your applications and CV’s to