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February 19, 2018


Job Description

We are a new educational institute in Accra seeking to employ a Registrar to head our educational institute to administer the operations of IAAT through the effective management and coordination of Students Admission, Tutor Engagements and Management, Procurement processes, Student Supervision and Marketing activities with the objective of creating a Center of Excellence for Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Training and Development.

Job Description

Publicity and Marketing Activities

  • Formulate and implement the require Publicity and Marketing strategy for IAAT
  • Ensure the effective marketing and Publicity of IAAT online, through the effective administration of websites, social media and other appropriate platforms

Design, Manage and Supervise Training Programs for IAAT:

  • Design and implement special programs for Workers, Fresh graduates, and existing Industry Players.

Student Admissions

  • Manage and administer the entire admission process, with the object of making it easy and simple for people to apply, while ensuring the capture of all relevant information.

Student Supervision

  • Formulate and implement rules/procedures to guide and regulate the behavior of students at the premises
  • Provide general administrative support to students. For instance ensuring the printing and distribution of course outlines, facilitating the distribution

Personnel Management

  • Recruit and Manage Lecturers and Instructors
  • Counseling departmental heads on Tutors selection.
  • Conducting induction and orientation of Tutors
  • Manage and Supervise the operations of Tutors, to ensure effective Tuition, as well as non-interruption in the Tuition Process


  • Ensure the appropriate Charging and collection of fees,
  • Ensure the effective Banking of Fees paid.
  • Ensure proper recording of fees paid
  • Ensure the effective Implementation, Management and administration of a Petty Cash system for IAAT.

Recording Keeping

  • Maintains historical human resource (Tutor and Teaching staff) records,
  • ensuring the maintenance of an effective filling and retrieval system.
  • Implementing and Maintaining a good filing system for students records
  • Ensure the maintenance of a good record keeping system for all financial Transactions

Health and Administration and Management

  • Provide Safety and Health Training
  • Ensure Injury Recording and Reporting
  • Recommend appropriate compensation for incapacitation
  • Ensure Safety and Health Standards and Rules are adhered to by IAAT.

Student Relations

  • Implementing an effective counseling system for all students

Regulatory and legal Framework

  • Interpreting and advising on relevant local and international laws.

Performance Management

  • Ensure and Coordinate the evaluation of the performance of all Tutors and Non-Teaching Personnel

Required Skills or Experience

  • At least first degree in Business Administration (Marketing/Entrepreneurship) or more
  • Must have had at least five (5) years relevant experience in a similar organization.
  • Self-motivated and target oriented person
  • Must have strong links with industry
  • Must have a very strong communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills
  • Must have strong and proven leadership skills in people management
  • Must be able to speak and write english as the official working language
  • Creative and good presentation skills
  • Must have strong skills in business management
  • Must have a proven track record of managing successful business/project
  • Must be able to market the institute with fund-raising capabilities

Personal Attributes

  • Have the ability to engage constructively with people
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to manage a number of competing demands and work to deadlines
  • Flexible and adapt to changing circumstances
  • Be willing and able to exercise judgment and take risks
  • Proactive “can do” approach and ability to demonstrate initiative
  • Trustworthy and honest


  • MS Office and English proficiency
  • Financial Planning and Strategy

How to Apply

Please send your applications and CV’s to