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The GROOM’s first wear for the day, the long sleeve round neck kaftan with trouser, was made out of fine African Swiss Voile Fabric, with a patched and multiple stitching design made out of kente on the chest. The gold color cylindrical design around the neck complimenting the kente design is breathtakingly sensational.  As such occasions like these, it can also be worn for formal or casual events. You can buy same wear and others on NALLEMSTORE.COM

More and more incredible with every viewing is this beautiful design down through the center of the chest of the GROOM’s second wear of the day. The delicious combination of kente design and the golden color stitching, a classic example of African ingenuity for that Nallem Clothing deserves a homage.

The GROOM’s Nallem wear stood out among others on the day. The Afrocentric touch of the outfit is mesmerizing. Well, Afrocentric clothing and Nallem go together like bread and butter.

For your wedding wears, Nallem Clothing is the best place to get satisfied. Every wedding should exhume this happy and exciting atmosphere. It’s time to join the Awareso Papabi train, only Nallem Clothing can give you the confident urge!

The groom wore a Handmade Leather Sandals with an open back and a touch of kente. As obvious as it looks, wearing it is very comfortable and easy. And it worked great with his attire for the occasion. He simply could dance and move around casually. The sandals and others can be bought from AHOOMSTORE.COM